The Minister of Planning / Minister of Trade discussed with the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation the promotion of joint cooperation in a number of areas

2018-06-25 146

The Minister of Planning and Minister of Trade Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili discussed with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands Mrs. Sekhirid Kach and the accompanying delegation to enhance cooperation in various fields and the bilateral relations between the two countries during a meeting with the delegation at the Ministry of Planning. To the Ministry of Planning expressed the happiness of Jumaili this visit, praising the position of the Dutch government and its support for Iraq in the international coalition and help him to cross his ordeal by fighting a hasty. He added that the Netherlands, through its presence in the European Union, was very supportive of Iraq, stressing that there are many areas of cooperation more broadly with the Netherlands. He stressed that we are pleased that Iraq is the subject of interest in the Netherlands. The statement said that the meeting included discussing several files related to the development of political relations and trade relations, as well as files related to the support of the Netherlands to Iraq through experts, as well as through its experience in addressing water scarcity. Al-Jumaili said that a number of Dutch experts would arrive in Baghdad to present their expertise in the area of ​​water scarcity, noting that Iraq has asked the Dutch government to support and support the accession to the World Trade Organization. The statement added that the meeting included discussing the activation of the joint agreement between the two countries signed in 1983, stressing that this visit indicates that the international community stands by Iraq. The minister added that Iraq is working to restore its role to be the center of interest of the world and important countries, whether in Europe or America or Asia.

For her part, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Dutch Ms. Sekhirid Kach praised the efforts of Iraq in its fight, stressing that the Dutch government has provided its support in this regard to the Iraqi government in the field of security support. She explained that this support will develop in the future to economic and trade support in other areas as well as help displaced people to return to their areas and also in helping young people to get jobs, stressing that her government looks forward to commitment in this regard.