During the first meeting of the National Commission for Sustainable Development 2018 ... Minister of Planning: The implementation of the sustainable development agenda gives indicators of Iraq's commitment to global goals

2018-08-02 157

The Minister of Planning and Chairman of the National Commission for Sustainable Development, Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili, during his chairmanship of the first meeting of the Committee during the current year 2018 and in the presence of the members of the Committee that the implementation of the sustainable development agenda earn Iraq respect the international community and give indications that Iraq is committed to this agenda. He added that the year 2017 saw the implementation of the ministries to the recommendations of the previous meeting of the Committee on the resettlement of sustainable development plans and adoption in the plans of ministries, indicating that the Ministry of Planning worked to integrate the objectives of sustainable development in the National Development Plan five-year (2018-2022) through partnerships with Organizations and international bodies at the level of specialized teams of the Commission, stressing that work is continuing to settle the goals and indicators and prepare the first report of the Committee. Pointing out that the work is continuing to adopt this agenda, and the approach to the implementation of the goals, which makes Iraq gaining the respect of the international community and gives indications of his commitment to this agenda. It is worth mentioning that the National Commission for Sustainable Development includes members of ministries and non-affiliated bodies, academics, university professors and the private sector as well as representatives of civil society organizations. The meeting discussed a number of issues on the agenda and reached a number of important recommendations which will be the focus of the meeting of the Higher Committee for Sustainable Development. It also stressed the need to prepare a voluntary national report on the progress achieved in achieving the goals of sustainable development, which will be presented during the high level meeting organized by the United Nations next year 2019.