The minister of planning discussed with the representative of the Secretary-general of the United Nations the activation of international commitments obtained by Iraq from Kuwait Conference

2018-03-14 170

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili, met in his office at the ministry, the representative of the Secretary-general of the United Nations in Iraq, Mr. Jan Kobitch. 

According to a press statement issued by the Information Office of the Ministry of Planning said that the two sides discussed during the meeting, a number of important issues relating to the Iraqi affair, especially the outcome of Kuwait and the subsequent steps are the Iraqi government in activating international commitments, as well as the role of the international organization in support of the efforts of Iraq in the reconstruction and development in Iraq, in addition to working on the success of the next parliamentary elections by providing the appropriate environment to ensure the transparency of the process and the empowerment of voters from getting to the invention. 

The statement quoted the Minister of Planning confirmed that international commitments obtained by Iraq in Kuwait conference represents an important achievement, the government is translated into practical steps through the formation of a national team to follow up the international commitments as well as the restructuring of the technical teams of the Ministry of Planning and other relevant parties to work to develop a road map for the investment of the international promises given to Iraq. Referring to the presence of grants, loans, credit facilities and support for investment, and that Iraq would interact with all of the presentations, commensurate with the Iraqi situation with emphasis on speed and reliability in the implementation of those promises. 

Dr. Al-jameeli stressed that the most important part in the translation of these commitments is linked to the level of the executive and political performance of the Iraqi government and thus provide letters to reassure the donor states that the money will go in the right track. Pointing out that the Ministry of Planning and electronic platform established to monitor the implementation of projects financed from the international investments, loans and grants and donor States could benefit from this rostrum to follow up projects also. He pointed out that the ministry has set a clear road map for the priorities needed by the liberated areas and the rest of Iraq. And that the government is serious and eager to install official promises about conversion to genuine commitments between Iraq and donor countries, and we have a greater willingness to deal with the outputs of the kuwait conference about positive and effective. 

Dr. Al-jameeli also noted that the government's policy of openness and building a network of mutual interests with all neighboring states on top, indicating that this policy started to achieve good results represent the great convergence between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states. Praising the great support provided by the United Nations and its mission in Iraq to enable the government to carry out its functions, particularly in regard to the reconstruction and stabilization of the liberated areas. 

The representative of the Secretary-general of the United Nations in Iraq, Mr. Jan Kobitch, praised the efforts of the Iraqi government in the preparation of Kuwait, which represented a clear vision of an integrated plan had prompted the international community to interact with the government's directions for reconstruction and investment in across Iraq. Noting that Kuwait conference is the first of its kind in the amount of the size of the support of the international community, did not witness the previous conferences and in support of attendance at this level this is all due to the efforts of the Iraqi government and integrated plan made during the conference. 

Mr. Kobitch confirmed the readiness of the United Nations in all its organizations to provide more support to Iraq, whether on the level of development or political. Revealing that the vice-president of the World Bank to visit Baghdad soon to discuss the mechanisms of benefit from international support to Iraq, adding that the United Nations mission in Iraq is keen on the success of the coming elections by providing the secure and stable environment for voters to ensure broad participation in all areas of Iraq.