The Ministry of Planning organized a celebration on the occasion of International Women's Day

2018-03-13 190

The annual celebration organized by the Ministry of Planning, on the occasion of International Women's Day under the auspices of the Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, under the slogan (women's empowerment to achieve development, life) and in the presence of deputies of the ministry, and a number of the directors and a representative of the ministry's inspector general and heads of departments and divisions as well as a number of affiliates of the ministry. The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili, in his speech during the celebration: I offer congratulations on my behalf and on behalf of the Iraqi Government to all socially insured in the Iraqi Ministry of Planning women have entered in this great birthday, which bore for decades, unless borne by all women. He continued by saying: there is no doubt that Allah when he created did not distinguish between men and women in creation nor in dealing the heavenly religions on women's rights, but human beings  from the product themselves invented the discrimination which claimed over the ages, or paid for throughout the ages of women if we read history as we find pages achieved women the minister explained: We are here in the Ministry of Planning and we are proud that we have a very large proportion of women and women with the broadest important positions in the departments of the Ministry of Planning and be such positions, as we are proud that in this ministry very large reserve of competencies, especially women efficiencies, distinct competencies and contribute effectively in the management of the ministry, our in this ministry, which outlines the policies and plans is not Only with the support of women and slogans, but through the design of the programs, plans and policies to enable these women. Stressing say: If we want to liberate the Iraqi women, we have to enable it from education functioning life and make them free, not only to give Kota in political representation but also enable them to become strong and capable to face the difficulties of life, Iraqi women as I aid and faced many, especially in recent years when France occupied large areas of Iraq. He concluded by saying: I am very proud that in our ministry this large number of female, but that all races and all your kind wishes  and continue, God willing, to build a new Iraq, in order to be Iraqi women as is always a beacon for all women of the world, the celebration included a presentation on the ministry's achievements in the area of empowerment of women by the Director of the Human Development Department, as well as, Ms. Okood Hussein, a documentary prepared by the Department of Media and Communication of the government speaks about women in general and women in the Ministry of Planning, in particular, as well as the establishment of an exhibition that included a number of handicrafts and paintings for a number of socially insured the Ministry of Planning.