During his reception of the international player Mr. Younis Mahmoud. The Minister Planning: Sport represents an important key to achieve community development and peace

2018-03-13 161

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, stated that the sport is an important key to achieve development and social peace as it has invested about optimal as is the case in other countries that have taken from sports a path toward achieving many of the development goals.

Dr. Al-jameeli met the international player, Mr. Younis Mahmoud, and the player, Mr. Samer Saeed Mogbel. 

Dr. Al-jameeli explained during the meeting, the government attaches great sports special attention to realizing the importance of this sector in achieving development objectives. Indicating that this concern comes from the expansion in facilities that serve all kinds of sports, such as football stadiums to be accomplished in a number of governorates in the framework of the development plans drawn up by the Ministry of Planning.

Dr. Al-jameeli drew the Government's attention to the Sport and reflect the success of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Iraqi Football Federation in organizing international match between the national teams of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which represented a wedding spherically and an important key to lifting the embargo on Iraq, sports and it has encouraged other international teams to play in the Iraqi playgrounds, adding, the lifting of the ban the entry of global sports teams to Iraq would be positively reflected on the fact of development and move the wheel of economy and provide more job opportunities for youth, as well as the institutionalization of a climate of peace across the country after the elimination of terrorism and liberalization of the Iraqi land.

Dr. Al-jameeli called for all the athletes in the forefront of international players to return home and work to support community sport and peace, pointing out that the Iraqi situation will see a clear improvement in all areas p under conditions of stability. Vowing to offer all kinds of support to the sports sector and enable athletes to achieve the desired goals.

The international player, Mr. Younis Mahmoud, stated that the sport in Iraq has suffered much during past periods, despite the difficult circumstances, but there are important achievements achieved by the Iraqi football both at the continental and international levels. Pointing out that the Iraqi football still need much support to be able to competition and championships in the Iraqi territories, revealing the possibility of issuing a resolution from the International Union for the lifting of the embargo on Iraq during a meeting in Colombia in the 16th of the current month of March. Showing his readiness as chairman of the Association of international players to exert all efforts. The development of sport in Iraq.