By attendance of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Iraq...the minister of planning discussed with the Saudi media delegation to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries

2018-02-26 273

The minister of planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili, met in his office at the Ministry of the media delegation visiting Saudi Arabia to Iraq, headed by  chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi journalists association, Dr. Khaled Bin Hamad Al-Malik, in the presence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's ambassador in Iraq, Mr. Abdul Aziz bin Khalid Al-Shammari, and the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and Chairman of the Arab Journalists Union pro-al-Lami, a number of members of the Council of the Union of Iraqi journalists, while the Saudi media delegation included a number of the heads of the major media institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the beginning of the meeting, the delegation welcomed the Dr. Al-jameeli guest, praising the strength and depth of bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq in all fields and in the forefront of the information side, confirming the intention of the Iraqi government to develop these relations, reflecting positively on the lives of the peoples of the two countries.

 He said: "We are pleased with the openness that has happened with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which represented the formation of a coordinating council and the Saudi Joint Iraqi and mutual visits between the two sides and cooperation at various levels.

Dr. Al-jameeli stated that Iraq is a promising opportunity for investors there is unprecedented in all countries of the world, calling on Saudi companies to invest in Iraq in various fields, especially in the area of amputation, chemicals and phosphate and gas and housing and other.

Dr. Al-jameeli said that the government has the task of the next phase of the routes and plans to achieve sustainable development and access to a secure, stable, these plans are five basic paths, is the reconstruction plan for ten years starting from this year  , the five-year development plan 2018 - 2022 The strategy for poverty alleviation for the same period, as well as the private sector development strategy up to the year 2030 and all the routes are in the framework of a vision of Iraq  to achieve the objectives of sustainable development 2030

The head of the Saudi delegation expressed his happiness to visit Iraq and enjoys security and stability after the liberation of all its lands from the dirt of the wall and launching terrorist a new phase of peace and stability and construction, confirming that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready to support Iraq. At the same time, he praised the size and the level of cooperation between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, especially in the field of media and other areas and promote bilateral relations back to normal.

Dr. Al-jameeli to listen to the questions and comments and observations of the Saudi media men on a number of issues, including the reality of the investment environment in Iraq and activating the agricultural sector and industrial and trade exchange between the two countries and the opening of Ar Ar Port to trade during the coming months.