The Minister of Planning in Kuwait stated that Iraq needs 23 billion dollars in the short term, (65) billion dollars in the medium-term reconstruction and recovery

2018-02-13 168

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, presided over the first meeting of the donors' conference in Kuwait, which started Monday and lasts three days, that the total damage to the seven governorates because of terrorist acts, the governorates (Ninawa - Al Anbar - SALAHUDDIN - Baghdad - Babylon -Diyala province - Kirkuk) amounted to about 46 billion dollars, in addition to the   total damages in the security sector , which amounted to 14 billion dollars and the  value of the losses of cash assets in banks, which amounted to about 10 billion dollars. 

A statement of the Information Office of the Ministry of Planning for Al-jameeli was quoted as saying that the needs of the reconstruction and recovery (estimated at $88.2 billion, of which $22.9 billion dollars needed for Iraq in the short term, (65.4 billion) over the medium term. Explaining that if the non-oil economy continued to grow at a rate of  8% on the eve of 2014 , the cumulative losses real non-oil GDP is estimated at 107 billion dollars .

Dr. Al-jameeli added, in accordance with the statement that the housing sector was damaged reached $16 billion unrepayable 35% of the total damage. Estimating the Number of residential buildings affected by (147) thousand residential building (37%) of the Ninawa governorate (22%) in the Salah al-Din province (17%) in the Al Anbar province. He pointed out that the damage to the energy and oil and gas sectors is the highest among the sectors of infrastructure, as it reached 11 billion dollars, adding that the industry and trade was more productive sectors affected, the volume of damage in this sector more than 5 billion dollars, and the damage to agriculture (more than 2 billion dollars, while the education sector occupied the bulk of social sectors (2.4 billion) and the health sector (2.3 billion).