The minister of planning presided over the first meeting of the Conference of the reconstruction in Kuwait says the construction of the electronic digital advertising platform for international donations, mechanisms for monitoring and follow-up of projects

2018-02-13 142

The minister of planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, during presiding over the first session of the Conference of the reconstruction, which began its work in Kuwait Monday morning 14 February and lasts for three days, the Iraqi government's efforts to survey the damage and consequences of the war against terrorism, and the efforts of the Ministry of Planning in rapid response to such needs, including the reformist program and achieve recovery and reconstruction.

Dr. Al-jameeli confirmed - according to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Ministry of Planning - the Iraqi government's commitment to ensuring full transparency in the use of available resources through the building of national electronic digital platform include an immediate declaration of the resources derived from grants and donations, and various means of support, explaining that this rostrum represent planning tool to monitor, control and follow up projects and efforts that are consistent with the declaration of the Paris Club 2005 Management of harmonizing aid between donor priorities  and mechanisms for the government to raise the level of accountability to donors in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in delivery lowest cost and performance standards and accountability through the employment of modern technology to achieve the best means for accounting and accountability to answer all legitimate questions of donors. 

Dr. Al-jameeli added that the Iraqi people and the international community is expected supportive attitude for reconstruction after their courageous stand for this people in the face of defeat terrorism and protect the world from this danger. He explained that the conditions are ripe to begin the reconstruction operations in the framework of the plan, the Iraqi government for this purpose, standing 10 years from 2018-2027. He pointed out that the important aspect in the achievement of the development is that there are many investment opportunities available in all areas. Calling on the world to benefit from these opportunities. 

This, the first meeting to discuss the platform of recovery and reconstruction and to live in peaceful in Iraq, raised a number of the papers dealt with the recovery and reconstruction plans and financing needs, participated in the meeting and the secretary of the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Maher Hammad, and the head of planning sectors in the ministry and the Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Program in Iraq, Dr. Irfan.  

 The Meeting also witnessed the dumping of a number of words that spoke about the importance of the Conference and the role of the international community in support of the efforts of the Government of Iraq in the reconstruction and development of Iraq.