Iraq and Egypt discussed the development of bilateral relations between the two countries and contribute to the reconstruction

2018-01-30 235

The minister of planning/ acting Minister of Trade, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, called Egyptian companies and businessmen to invest in Iraq and active participation in Kuwait conference of donor countries, which will be held in next February 12. Stressing the need to open up the prospects for economic and trade relations with Egypt during the coming stage. 

This came during the meeting, which was Monday evening 29 January 2018 with the Egyptian delegation headed by the assistant of the President of the Republic, Mr. Ibrahim Mahlab, who is currently visiting Iraq.

Dr. Al-jameeli added that there are enormous investment opportunities in Iraq. Strong competition among world companies for these opportunities . Stressing, the need to strengthen cooperation between the businessmen of the two countries to enhance bilateral relations between Egypt and Iraq. Noting that the private sector of Iraq within the   next five-year development plan would be a good size, which means getting the big opportunities in the process of leadership development and the government will provide  appropriate legal environment for the work of the Iraqi private sector. Calling to translate the results of these fruitful meetings to the memoranda of understanding between the two countries, especially in the areas needed by Iraq in the next stage. Pointing out that the rehabilitation of the road between Iraq and Jordan would reflect positively on the increase in the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Iraq  

The assistant to the Egyptian President, Mr. Ibrahim Mahlab, showed Egypt's keenness to strengthen its relations with Iraq in all fields and there are many opportunities could be invested to strengthen relations between the two countries..confirming that Egypt stands wholeheartedly on the side of Iraq and is ready to contribute to the reconstruction operations and Egyptian expertise at the disposal of the Iraqi government and strengthening partnerships in various fields .

During the joint meeting, which was attended by the Under-secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Walid al-Musawi, Iraq's ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Habib Al Sadr, managers and public prosecutors in the Ministry of Commerce and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers, Mr. Jaafar al-Hamdani, the head of the Federation of Iraqi contractors, Mr. Ali Al-Sanafi, Iraqi Business Council Chairman, Mr. David Zair, and a wide range of  Iraqi businessmen, were discussed in various important areas, especially industrial and commercial cooperation and put forward a lot of ideas  that can turn to draft memoranda of understanding . 

Iraqi businessmen confirmed their willingness to cooperate with Egyptian counterparts desirous in the construction of a joint economic industrial city between the two countries to be the beginning of a new stage of relations between Egypt and Iraq. 

The two sides also discussed the possibility of the exchange of experiences and modern technology, the opening lines of the productivity of Egyptian Industries in Iraq. 

The Egyptian businessmen expressed their willingness and readiness to work with the Iraqi businessmen, leading to the creation of an environment of good investment opportunities.