The minister of planning discussed with Korean companies investment opportunities in the area of housing and industrial areas

2018-01-08 217

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, said that the Iraqi government toward the active configuration and building partnerships with international companies with the sober known efficacy in the framework of the new phase of reconstruction and development in the economic and social dimensions and human resources as well as the implementation of infrastructure projects, according to the sophisticated Investment mechanisms and to contribute to achieving the optimal investment in Iraq. 

Dr. Al-jameeli met with Korean companies specialized in engineering and design  and implementation of residential complexes and the construction of the industrial cities, adding that the housing sector is one of the most important sectors that will receive, both in the framework of the reconstruction plans or the five-year development plans , or through a strategy of poverty alleviation in the country, and therefore, this vital sector contribute to moving the wheel of development and the economy in many of the joints task, stating that the government was working to strengthen decentralized partnership work to reduce the cultural differences between rural and urban areas, this is not happening only through the implementation of the strategic projects in all areas and in the forefront of the residential complexes and attention The industrial zones and encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises. 

On his part, the  Chairman of the Group reviewed, Mr. Jong Mun, aside from projects undertaken by the group in Iraq, which is the implementation of construction projects through the residential complexes, explaining that the company has completed the design blocks in each of the governorate of Basra and Al-Habaniyia in Al Anbar Province by 500 residential units for each compound of the first stage, indicating that the group seeks to transfer the Korean experience in the area of construction to Iraq through the development of facilities for distinct areas of water tourism industrial education centers, medical and health facilities for conferences and business centers and the establishment of channels of social cohesion and  compatible with the social environment of the region in harmony with all races and religions, As well as providing the basic requirements for construction locally and imported through the construction of industrial parks, prior to the commencement of the construction of residential complexes, pointing out that it was the completion of the engineering plans for the construction of industrial complexes in Basra and Al-habaniyia  which will contribute to improving the economic level and operation of labor in the two cities.