The minister of planning/ acting minister of commerce announced the end of the assessment of damage in the liberated areas

2017-12-17 818

The planning minister/acting Minister of Trade, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli agency during his meeting with the Swiss ambassador in Iraq, Jordan, Mr. Hans Peter Linz, the end of the Ministry of Planning the evaluation of the damages in the  liberated regions which will be presented during the conference of donor countries to be held in Kuwait next February. 

Dr. Al-jameeli said that the size of the damage to the infrastructure in the liberated provinces reached about 55 trillion Iraqi dinars, the equivalent of 47 billion dollars. He explained that these damages relating to State institutions only and will prepare another report on the extent of  the damage to the private sector.  The figure expected to rise to more than that.

Dr. Al-jameeli said that the ministry has prepared a national plan for the reconstruction of the liberated areas over the  next 10 years have been estimated total costs for the reconstruction of 100 billion dollars, including rebuilding the infrastructure and development in the economic field as well as to achieve human and social development. Noting that the reconstruction will depend on what will be allocated in the framework of the general budget of the state as well as the opening of  investment prospects for investors, as well as what would happen to Iraq from  international subsidies. Stressing that the international community bears the responsibility for humanitarian and moral, legal and even about Iraq because the organization of archives was threatening the whole world . 

Dr. Al-jameeli called on the Government of the Swiss companies to contribute and benefit from the large investment opportunities available in Iraq. Reviewing what has been done important steps in the restoration of stability in the liberated areas which contributed to the return of many  displaced families to their regions. At the same time praised the efforts and support of international organizations and friendly countries and development agencies in enabling the government to implement its program to restore stability, expected to be completed by the return of displaced persons to their areas during the next year. 

Dr. Al-jameeli pointed out during the meeting that the Ministry of Planning has completed the preparation of the five-year development plan and the strategy for poverty alleviation in Iraq for the years 2018-2022, as well as to  private sector development strategy document and the reconstruction of the liberated areas and all those efforts and events came in harmony with global trends to achieve sustainable development. He said Iraq would be one of the most stable countries in the region in the coming stage. 

The Swiss ambassador in Iraq, Jordan, Mr. Hans Linz, showed his congratulations to the people and Government of Iraq on the occasion of the victory of the liberation of the Iraqi lands from the dirt wall terrorist act .. Showing readiness to participate in reconstruction operations in the liberated areas in accordance with the vision and priorities set by the Iraqi government. He pointed out that Switzerland will participate in the donor countries conference which will be held in Kuwait. 

Mr. Linz reported that the Swiss government allocated about 18 million dollars to assist Iraq in the area of funding of humanitarian projects and restore stability in the liberated areas, these projects include the provision of water and cleaning and protection.. Confirming that the  Swiss private sector companies willing to invest in Iraq.