The Ministry of Planning organized a ceremony honoring the best employees for year 2017

2017-12-14 701

The Ministry of Planning organized a ceremony honoring the best employees for year 2017, the distinctive employees who have distinct ideas to develop the work in the ministry, in the presence of the Minister of Planning and the ministry as well as the heads of the ministry's centers and managers prosecutors in addition to a large number of the members of the ministry. The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili, in his speech on this occasion: there is no doubt that it is a joy to celebrate celebrate honored and pleased with the constellation of the sons of the ministry, who are distinguished by their performance during the current year 2017, stressing that does not mean when we distinguish a group of staff that other staff did not performers well, in the overall performance of the Ministry reach a distinguished witness by all. He added: "When we talk about excellence, we cannot overlook the great title of excellence, which is the Iraqi victory in the sky of the entire minimum radiated so  provide avenues of  the world illuminates the paths of hope it sends a message that the darkness no matter how intensified the sunrise would sued him and removed him. Yes, the Iraqis have been characterized by defeating ISIS terrorist act. He continued by saying: It is our right and proudly boasted that call Iraq country location between the countries of the world, and its people  is distinguished people among the peoples of the world, the most beautiful of this is that we conclude 2017 we raise the highest degree in the ladder of success and excellence, and thus we can say that the people of the location in an excellent location and we are talking about the excellence and celebrate great victory, this distinction have been achieved without the efforts of the jihad and starring Iraqis from all walks of life, and here I turn  to talk about the excellence that characterizes the Ministry of Planning  , he pointed out that this ministry, which proved where workers that they carry all the meanings of excellence deserved to tell them that they are distinct. There is no doubt that carries the title of excellence honor to be efficient for this title. No doubt that you carry all the meanings of excellence, you are going to keep pumping if give even the highest levels of excellence, which will be needed in the next stage, the stage of construction and reconstruction, it will be your role in this process, as they endured the prestige of high distinction and at the end of the celebration of the Minister honored distinguished members of the staff of the centers and services the Ministry  in Baghdad and other governorates in appreciation for their efforts to shields excellence in the service of our country.