Under the auspices of the minister…the ministry of planning organized victory day celebration

2017-12-13 931

Under the auspices of the Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, in the framework of the celebrations of Victory Day, launched by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers after the Prime Minister  and Commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi, the liberation of Iraq , the day was organized by the Ministry of Planning, a large central ceremonial occasion crossed from which the supportive attitude of liberation by the  heroes of Iraq.

The ceremony, which was attended by the minister of planning, the General Inspector, Under-secretaries and Directors-general, and a number of affiliates of the ministry, the ceremonial witnessed several events, glorified the unity of Iraq and all audiences, the glorious victory achieved by Iraq.

Initiated by reciting the Quran by Mr. Mohammad al-Tai and then read the Surat Al Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, the Minister of Planning also delivered a speech on this occasion: it came from God to Iraq and the Iraqis by the grace of the great victory, and released on our dear free back after that was dishonored by terrorism for months and years. He added saying:  whatever we talked about Iraqi epic victory could not be overemphasized, the epic stunned the whole world, not the world expects that the Iraqis would be able to defeat an enemy like Kenya does not know only death and destruction, but only Iraqis  have said their word and decided to face this enemy regime, when the world watched this Iraqi insistence heroism and  decided to stand with us special in that war, which was not in defense of Iraq, but in defense of humanity, ISIS aimed at not  only, but to all that is human in all parts of the Earth. He emphasized that: Yes we have won the battle was not easy at all, and this is clear from the length of the period, which lasted for about three years that we have been able to liberate every inch of our land, and we battle in which the blood of abundant and we lost the dear loved ones, but all those enormous sacrifices were not in vain, but culminated in the victory set out, thank God, the Lord of the Worlds. He continued by saying: We have won our land, but this does not mean that our war  with terrorism has ended, but we can say that we have finished the first page of this war we spent on the military archives, kicking off the second page  , which is no less important than the  previous one, and what is required of us today is to prevent the return of the extremist thought to our country by taking advantage of the negative aspects in the political, economic, cultural and social reality. To prevent the return of terrorism and extremism is not achieved by words alone, confirming that it needed to address failures in the unity and cohesion of all joints and efforts put giant development plans designed to accommodate young people and to provide employment opportunities and a decent life for all people. He clarified that the government through the Ministry of Planning and all the institutions of the State in its various areas of competence. Has made great efforts to prepare for the post-wall as well as its plans, which coincided with the processes of liberalization which is named the plans to restore stability. He pointed out that the reconstruction operations and decent life requires efforts  and money are not few, as it was estimated the size of the required funds for reconstruction over 10 years (100 billion dollars), and determine which routes which cover the requirements of reconstruction operations including annual budgets are allocated within the Iraqi state, as well as what would happen to Iraq from grants, loans and subsidies to support the efforts of the government in the reconstruction, explaining that there are international organizations, Governments, and pledged to provide support to Iraq, especially  that we are approaching the convening of an international conference of donors during the month of February next year, the  third track we would open prospects for investment for the Iraqi private sector and we are working to attract foreign investments and sober that would work on the resettlement of Industry and sustainable development. He added that the next stage certainly would be much better than the previous stage, confirming that the situation in Iraq will be distinct, which is the most stable among the States of the region after the liberation of its land from terrorism and its orientation toward building a network of positive relations with the international community. He confirmed that Iraq today in a strong position to economic reconstruction and developmental investors global openness and willingness in the establishment of strong relations based on mutual interests, he congratulated the Iraqi people with all its components and a big victory. I salute our security exception championships in all its formations. And compassion, Immortality, dishonor and health ask for quick recovery champions.

The commemorative celebration witnessed poems much touted the love and unity of Iraq, delivered by the poet, Mr. Nazim Al Hashi, then the poet, Mr.  Samir Sobeih, poems embodied the victories of our army and our security on terrorist rerun ceremonial concluded beautiful Iraqi songs present the voice of the Artist, Mr. Jassim Haidar.