The minister of planning/acting minister of trade discussed with the French trade minister strengthen cooperation in economic, trade and investment areas

2017-12-11 741

The minister of planning/acting minister of trade, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, discussed with French Trade Minister, Mr. Jan Baptiz, overall bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in economic and trade fields and promote investment opportunities. 

This came on the sidelines of the participation of the ministers in the work of the 12th Economic Forum organized by the Iraqi council , French employers and whose work started Wednesday in Baghdad. 

A press release quoted the two Iraqi and French addressed a number of important issues relating to the plans of the Iraqi government for the reconstruction of the liberated regions and the potential contribution of French companies in the implementation of investment projects, especially in the area of infrastructure. 

Dr. Al-jameeli confirmed stated the plan for reconstruction that the government has developed this plan in three basic paths aimed at achieving human development and social as well as economic development, as well as the rehabilitation of the infrastructure. Noting that Iraq's need for reconstruction is estimated at 100 billion dollars over ten years starting from 2018. Adding that these funds will be provided through what will be allocated within the investment annual budgets as well as through the opening of investment prospects for the private sector and foreign investors, as well as what would happen to Iraq from international assistance, referring in this regard to the current efforts to establish the international donors' conference which will be held in the month of February of the next year. 

Dr. Al-jameeli noted  that Iraq rely on international support to enable the Government to implement development programs, especially in regard to the reconstruction  , which require the provision of decent living conditions for the people of the liberated areas and the provision of appropriate employment opportunities for youth to compensate citizens for the serious losses and building schools and hospitals. Noting that Iraq's need of schools not less than 7 thousand schools. Calling the French businessmen and companies to invest in Iraq. 

The French Trade Minister, Mr. Jan Baptiz, stated that France is ready to provide all kinds of support to Iraq, that the French companies have good potential can be employed for reconstruction and building schools, etc. of projects according to priorities provided by the Iraqi government. Praising the great victories achieved by Iraq in the war against terrorism.