The cost (60.4) million Euros ...Iraq signs Agreement with the European Union for the reconstruction of the liberated areas and mine clearance

2017-12-06 754

Iraq and the European Union signed the Convention on the financing of the two projects on the reconstruction of the liberated areas and mine clearance, with a value of 60.4 million Euros. The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, and on the European side, the director-general of the Department of cooperation, Mr. Pierre Amelat, signed the agreement. The minister said during a press conference held after the signing of the Convention: the joint cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Planning and the EU signed the implementation of two projects aimed at restoring the stability and the return of civilians in the liberated areas. He added that the European Union and a number of donor countries (Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, Estonia, the United Kingdom) to be submitted by financial grant in the amount of 60.4 million Euros for the implementation of these projects, he pointed out that the projects aimed at humanitarian challenges and the challenges of security, stability and reconciliation, and Mr. minister that the first project would include the amount (50.4) million Euros allocated to help to restore basic services and the rehabilitation of public infrastructure, as well as the restoration of economic activity and restore basic services also livelihoods by providing grants to small enterprises in order to ensure early recovery and voluntary return quickly to achieve sustainable development. Noting that the geographical scope of the project will include the newly liberated areas (Al Anbar, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk, Ninawa and Diyala province), indicating that the second draft it allocated 10 million euros to continue to facilitate the process of cleaning up the land was exposed to pollution from the explosives. Al-jameeli pointed out  that the project will be through the United Nations mine action in coordination with the Iraqi government. Indicating that this project will help to create the conditions to allow the safe and voluntary return of more than 3 million people displaced, and that he would work to strengthen the capacity of national institutions related to the empowerment of risk mapping to enable humanitarian interventions to enable in the liberated areas and to a common approach to remove mines and explosives. For his part, director general of cooperation in the European Union, Mr. Pierre Amelat, Iraqi government effort in the Re-liberation of areas of Kenya, but certainly these efforts were the result of heavy sacrifices, so let me take this opportunity to express my sympathy to each have lost someone dear to them in this war. He added that the financial agreement that we signed today is also an expression of the position of the sympathetic attitude of the people of the European Union, with the Iraqi people in the fight against terrorism, noting that the fight against terrorism and attention to youth and employment opportunities are the priorities of the Iraqi government, but it is one of the priorities of European governments alike. He stressed that the EU is a long partner of Iraq and love to strengthen this partnership in the present time for the reconstruction of the liberated areas and secured the return of displaced persons to create  a prosperous economic environment and its inhabitants. Specifically, saying: So today we are signing the two financial amount beyond the (60) million euros, explaining that: the first of approximately 50 million euros is specific for the reconstruction of the liberated areas and will be implemented by the United Nations Development Fund for the second agreement will be specialized more mine clearance will execute the office of the United Nations demining, and attended a signing ceremony of the Ambassador of the European Union mission in Iraq Mr. Ramon Belicwa.