The Ministry of planning visited Al-Najaf Governorate and Reviewed projects Services

2017-12-05 727

The Minister of planning praised the exerted efforts from local Government  in Governorates one among them Al-Najaf, they do the best to follow up he Completion projects in Governotrate .

After the Visit of the Ministry of Planning to Al-Najaf and meeting the Governor ,Mr. Luay Al-yassiri, and discussion about the  no. of projects for the governorate.

The minister of planning insisted that Al-Najaf is one of more important Governorates, because of religious heritage and great historical and interested by offering services to all Muslim visitors from different countries, and the Minister pointed that Iraq can not invest abundance financial before 2014, maybe the Iraq  become better than right now, and we must look foreword  hopefully to be better fort the next years.

The local Government is calling to put development priorities according clear policy and open for companies to invest in Iraq as well as invest the good relation ship with neighbor states and to form high  committee for investment, that is headed by Prime  Minister to solve all obstacles at the end. The Minister insisted that Iraq become more stable at next steps and the privet sector would become pioneer in investment.  

The Governor, Mr.Louy Al-yassiri, showed that there are many important projects need a accomplish and allocate fund, because Al-Najaf received more than 16 million visitors in  the year, and they  are suffering form a fewer services. The governor pointed that Al Najaf has important trade highway between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the distance is about 228 km. 

The governor added that there is a French bread factory at this highway need to operate , and calling to operate all the national factories and sales all products.