The Minister of Planning: Partnership with the private sector is very important to promote development and services

2017-12-04 624

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, said that the government's directions are toward partnership and investment with the private sector, with the objective of promoting the development reality and best services to citizens. 

 Dr. the Al-jameeli in a meeting discussed the mechanisms of the declaration about a tour of licenses in the field of partnership between the Central Organ of the standardization and quality control and scrutiny regarding the examination of goods entering Iraq and the necessity of conformity. Adding that the success of this experiment undertaken by the Ministry of Planning will open broad horizons to more firms between the public and private sectors. Calling for the investment of time about the optimum in order to expedite the completion of the mission, as well as the need for the selection of companies that can undertake the sober task of checking and matching. Confirming that the government will take all measures to facilitate partnerships with the private sector. 

The meeting was attended by the deputy of ministry, Dr. Maher Hammad, head of the central agency for standardization and quality control, and a number of managers in the ministry and the specialists in the field of standardization and specifications.