The minister of planning/ acting minister of trade met the Tunisian Ambassador and discussed the development of the bilateral relations between the two countries

2017-12-04 608

The minister of planning/ acting Minister of Trade,Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, met the Tunisian ambassador  in Baghdad, Mr. Ibrahim Al Rizqi, and negotiated  ways to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the economic and investment fields. 

Dr. Al-jameeli confirmed during the meeting that the Iraqi - Tunisian relations and distinct relations and there is a lot of data that can be employed to promote the development of these relations in the interest of the peoples of the two countries, referring to the possibility of  increasing the volume of trade exchange and the opening prospects for the desk, calling on the Tunisian companies to take advantage of the investment opportunities available in Iraq under Iraqi government to promote investment, especially in the field of reconstruction of the liberated regions, adding, that there is an opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries through joint meetings between businessmen  and investors from both countries  Joint exhibitions with a view to see the possibilities and opportunities available in the Iraq and Tunisia. 

The Tunisian ambassador, Mr.  Ibrahim Al Rizqi, confirmed the importance of the development of the bilateral relations, especially in the area of increasing the volume of trade exchange between the two countries and there are a lot of goods and commodities that can constitute a distinct balance of trade, expressing the desire and willingness of Tunisian companies to invest in the Iraqi market, given the richness of good potential in the field of oil and infrastructure. 

 Mr. Al Rizqi called for the need to activate the work of the Tunisian Iraqi joint committee chairmanship of trade ministers of the two countries, because the work of this committee would open new prospects for joint cooperation, disclosing the work to open the line of flight between Baghdad and Tunisia to increase tourist traffic between the two countries.