The Minister of Planning visited Babil governorate and discussed with the Governor, the reality of service projects in the governorate

2017-12-04 522

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli Babil governorate and was informed about the reality of achieved service and investment projects in the governorate. 

The Governor, Mr. Sadeq Al Sultani, has provided a detailed explanation of a number of ongoing achieved projects in the governorate within the blueprint the government investment program for the development of the territories. Pointing out that these important projects facing financial problems because of the lack of appropriations, indicating that it was of great importance for the people of the province because they provide better services to them. 

The Minister of Planning confirmed that the government continues to deal with the reality of the development projects in all the governorates and the governorate of Babylon. Pointing out that the results of these processors will appear on the reality of the projects, the meeting was attended by a number of members of the Council of the governorate of Babylon, the chiefs of the county.