The minister of planning discussed with the head of the mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) support the return of displaced persons and migrants and provide them with job opportunities

2017-11-15 604

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili, met in his office at the ministry, the head of the mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the United Nations, Mr. Gerard Wet, and his entourage, which included the director of the Baghdad office and director of the Office of Erbil and responsible programs of mass exodus and others 

During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues and files concerning by emigrants and immigrants Iraqis inside and outside Iraq. Dr. Al-jameeli called International Organization for Migration (IOM) to increase the level of its work in Iraq. Praising at the same time including its concrete organization support from the Iraqi government in the face of the file of the internally displaced persons, which is one of the important files it requires lot of efforts and funds to secure the requirements of the basic life of these citizens. Expressing the willingness of the ministry and the Iraqi government to cooperate with the organization at the highest levels to access to appropriate programs to encourage the return of displaced persons, especially after the liberation of all the Iraqi territories from the occupation of the awful rerun. 

Dr. Al-jameeli added that Iraq has no problem with the emigrants and immigrants, a double problem there are internal displacement and migration of foreign affairs in both cases, it represents a great challenge and dangerous for development as well as the difficulties faced by displaced persons and migrants lack the necessary requirements of life. Stressing that Iraq is keen on his sons who emigrated as a result of force majeure, this requires everyone to work to stop this migration by addressing the reasons why it is not easy to continue this hemorrhage Iraqi human wealth in the country the potential to all his sons live in dignity on its own land.

Dr. Al-jameeli said that the land of Iraq includes the most ancient civilizations and thus this earth until recently very attractive to the waves of immigration from different parts of the world, but since the 1940s of the last century things changed and became Iraq suffers from migration because of wars and problems faced by which affected the social fabric, indicating that the Government has exerted great efforts in order to maintain this tissue and diversity in Iraqi society. 

Dr. Al-jameeli confirmed that Iraq has the capacity to absorb all the sons of migrants and displaced persons, but this requires further efforts. Calling the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to work on the provision of suitable employment opportunities for returnees as well as the health insurance and to encourage the voluntary return to the country and regions 

The President of the International Organization for Migration, Mr. Gerard Wet, showed its high appreciation for the efforts of the Iraqi government in dealing with the file of the displaced and the successes achieved in this aspect. He explained that the organization supports these efforts in this area to achieve the dream of return of these displaced persons and migrants. The organization also seeks to provide them with job opportunities .this meeting was attended by the Director General of the International Cooperation Department in the Ministry of Planning.