The minister of planning met the Iranian industry minister

2017-11-15 588

The Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili, met Iranian Trade and Industry Minister, Mr. Sharia Madari, and the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Urge Masjedi, and his entourage the development and promotion of economic relations between the two countries, and the volume of trade exchange between them. The Iranian delegation  at the ministry headquarters in Baghdad. The planning minister said in a joint press conference after the meeting: we discussed during the meeting, all matters relating to the commercial and economic relations between the two countries and some problems facing trade exchange with respect to tariff and other charges, he added that Iran is an important trade partner of Iraq, especially that there are multiple relationships, supportive commercial and economic aspects of these relations also discussed the role of Iranian companies in the reconstruction of Iraq as well as the subject of the Iranian companies benefits of ongoing projects in Iraq, and also the participation of the private sector investors and Iranians in Iraq. He continued by saying: there is no doubt that Iraq today is a country open to the world and is trying to attract investment opportunities to develop its economy, and all countries of the world are  looking for job opportunities inside Iraq. Noting that Iran has been in the forefront of the investment opportunities. The minister pointed out  that the ministry encourages investment projects, whether supported by the state or private enterprise. He clarified that the dumping to ensure that discussion of the standardization of specifications based on a memorandum of understanding between the Central Organ of the standardization and quality control in Iraq ones Iranian specifications. He pointed out that there are issues related to the banking aspects of the meeting would be to Iranian minister,  with the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq to overcome these obstacles, the minister said that some of the participants in the delegation from the private sector showed their readiness to enter into major projects in Iraq, he added by saying: "We are very happy to find this interest and motivation of the Islamic republic and all the countries in the world that tries to invest and develop its economic and commercial relations with Iraq, on his part, the Iranian Minister of Industry and Minerals and trade : I am very happy in my visits to Iraq, especially that it comes with days visit the 40th ceremony as well as assigned by the leaders of the two countries came to visit Baghdad to follow up the agreement, which was agreed to by the parties. He said during the meeting to study all issues to strengthen the prospects for cooperation between the two countries as we discussed the various issues that had been agreed to form a joint committee to follow up the issues of the private sector and providing the  necessary infrastructure to enhance the prospects for and consolidation of cooperation between the two countries, as well as the expansion and development of relations in the field of banking, and clearly there will be  an appropriate framework for the development of trade relations between the two countries with regard to بالكمارك , quality and standards. He pointed out  that the balance of trade is now in the desired level, but without the desired ambition. Noting that Iran supports the Iraqi side, especially in the issue of reconstruction and investment, also re-construction in the area of industry. The minister expressed the hope to strengthen ties in all fields within Iraq through the power of the federal government and ability, confirming that the Iranian people and government standing with the Iraqi people and government, which was and remains supportive of them. He concluded by saying: I congratulate the Iraqi people the victory over terrorism and achieving the development and construction.