The Minister of Planning, Acting Trade Minister, met Turkish Ambassador and discussed the development of bilateral relations and the rehabilitation of the border ports

2017-11-15 675

The minister of planning, acting the Minister of Trade, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, met the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Fatih Yildiz, a number of common issues, important files between the two countries, to contribute to the development of bilateral relations in economic and trade fields.

Dr. Al-jameeli confirmed during the meeting that the next phase of relations between Iraq and Turkey will be much better than the previous stage, especially after the visit of Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-abbadi, to Ankara and the Agreement on the two countries to raise the level of cooperation to the highest levels. Calling on the Turkish side to contribute effectively in the reconstruction of the areas affected by the terrorist operations , especially in the area of infrastructure rehabilitation and building hospitals and schools, as well as the opening of  investment prospects in front of Turkish companies.

The two sides discussed the rehabilitation of joint border crossings, including the  Feshkhabour and the extent of their contribution to increasing the volume of bilateral trade between the two countries.  The minister of planning stated that all border outlets in all parts of Iraq will be subject to the federal government this would provide more flexibility to trade evidence between Iraq and neighboring countries including Turkey, as it spares importers impose tariffs double. Calling on the Turkish side to further cooperation in this area.

The Turkish ambassador to, Mr. Fatih Yildiz, showed his country welcomed the significant steps taken by the Iraqi government to extend its sovereignty over all border outlets. Stressing that Turkey would be strongly supportive of Iraq in various fields, including in the area of the reconstruction of the liberated areas through the contribution of grants or through the entry of Turkish companies to invest in Iraq.

 Mr. Yildiz noted that the Turkish Government consider with great satisfaction the liberation of Iraqi land of terrorism, revealing the desire of Ankara, in coordination with the Iraqi side to facilitate the passage of goods through the Iraqi Turkish ground heading south to the Arab Gulf states that would move the economy in Iraq, especially after it became all outlets of the common border between Turkey and Iraq under the control of the federal government in Baghdad. Expressing his country's readiness to contribute to the rehabilitation since fish cotter aware that this crossing would be helpful in increasing the volume of trade exchange between the two sides.