The minister of planning met the German ambassador in Baghdad and discussed mechanisms for the benefit of German loan for the reconstruction of the liberated areas

2017-11-15 609

The planning minister, the Minister of Trade, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, met the German ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Cyril Noon, the reality of economic and trade relations between the two countries and ways of developing and promoting cooperation between them.

The two sides reviewed a number of issues, important files between the two countries including, mechanisms for the use of German loan facilitator granted Iraq 500 million Euros and what projects that could be funded from this loan, especially for reconstruction projects.

 Dr. Al-jameeli explained that the loan amount will be allocated to finance service projects through the fund for the reconstruction of the affected areas, especially in the area of building hospitals and the provision of electricity and other service projects in the liberated provinces.

The two sides also discussed the German participation in the forty-fourth session of the Baghdad International Fair, the  ambassador emphasized the n that a group of German companies the task will arrive to Baghdad to participate in the exhibition with a large commercial and governmental delegation headed by the Special Envoy of Chancellor Angela Merkel , to hold a round of talks with Iraqi counterparts, investment. Adding that Germany look at Iraq carefully since it represents a promising investment environment.