The Ministry of Planning celebrated 12th anniversary of the referendum on the constitution

2017-11-14 594

 The Planning Ministry organized a celebration on the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of the referendum on the constitution under the slogan (The Constitution is our tent) in the presence of the Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, and administrative agent of the Ministry, Mr. Qasim Anayat, as well as the managers and a large number of the members of the ministry. The Minister of planning said in his speech during the celebration on the occasion of the 12 anniversary of the referendum on the constitution: I congratulate you and for our great great victories achieved in all parts of the country revert our free BREATHE abeer land of civilizations capillary from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and added: As blessed all Iraqis the success of the measures taken by the government to impose the prestige of the law under the Iraqi constitution, which we celebrate today the 12th anniversary of the vote by the Iraqi people," he said: As we celebrate this occasion voting on the constitution, which coincided with the prestige of this constitution was voted by the Iraqis with their blood in the conditions were extremely difficult and complex, but unfortunately had to pass under the various headings and titles, explaining that this is causing the situation The confusion in the joints of life, the fact that the lack of commitment to the constitution means tearing the country and the prevalence of chaos .In the end of his speech here, Mr. Minister, the Iraqi people, the remarkable victories achieved thanks to the sacrifices of their love for the motherland and guarantor of the unity of the nation the Constitution soldering soil.. Confirming that these victories in the battles against terrorism will turn into victories in the way of rebuilding and reconstruction , because of the blood is cheap for its soil, there is no doubt that he will race and effort for construction.