The Coordinating Council between the Republic of Iraq and Saudi Arabia held its first meeting and take a number of actions

2017-11-14 697

The Minister of planning, Dr. Salman Al-Jameeli, held the first meeting of the Coordinating Council between the Republic of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, in the presence of the Secretary-general of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Mahdi Al-alaq, undersecretaries, and representatives of the non-associated with the ministry and representatives of the private sector, as well as the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Kazem al-Hassani.

 Dr. Al-jameeli confirmed who heads the council during the meeting, that the international status of Iraq opened broad prospects for cooperation with other States, especially the states of the region, including the Arab Gulf States and Saudi Arabia in particular. Noting that the Iraqi relations - Saudi Arabia witnessed a very successful visit Mr. Prime Minister to Riyadh that visit of mutual visits between the two sides was to visit the ministers of foreign affairs and trade, the Saudis to Baghdad for the first time after a boycott that lasted more than a quarter of a century, confirmed the presence of the will to activate and develop the relations between the two countries. He pointed out that such relations are of  great importance to Iraq under international and regional conflict rages. Thus, the existence of relations supported by common interests, this is reflected positively on the stability of the country and the stability of the region in general.

 Dr. Al-jameeli added , after the prime minister's visit to Riyadh, there was a decision to form a coordinating council between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the Coordinating Council has been formed from the Iraqi side and the Saudi side constitute the coordinating council headed by  Trade Minister, Mr. Majid Al qusaibi, membership of the ministers of the environment, water, agriculture and foreign affairs, energy and industry, culture and information , assistant minister of defense and deputy interior minister and deputy minister of state for the Gulf, which gives us an idea of the extent of the Saudi concern the development of the relations with Iraq in all fields.

 Dr. Al-jameeli called to the Iraqi vision of all the development sectors in the issue of cooperation and opportunities for strengthening the relationship in the interest of the country.

The Secretary-general of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Mahdi al-alaq, presented to the formation of the Iraqi Coordination Council of Saudi Arabia in this level and number of higher representation reflects the will of the government and its interest in the development of the relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, calling to define responsibilities and set priorities according to a specific timetable. Pointing to many views and proposals by the Iraqi authorities to develop relations and open more investment opportunities in the two countries.

Dr. Al-alaq stated that the preparations continue by many of Iraq to hold an international donors' conference in  Kuwait showed its readiness for hosting sponsored by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi, His Highness the Emir of the State of Kuwait. And from the platform of the Conference urging the reconstruction and access to international donations, the second of the maxim societas delinquere non potest strive toward social reconciliation and humanitarian aspects , while the third is the investment will be based.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nazar Al-khairallah, indicating that there is a great interest by the Saudi side brother to develop bilateral relations with Iraq and the presence of great seriousness to the brothers in Saudi Arabia openness toward Iraq for  many reasons, including being aware of the size of the Iraqi market, indicating that the  formation of the  joint coordinating council came to get out of  traditional frameworks in bilateral cooperation and  decision making mechanism is easier , Pointing out that  Saudi Arabia holds  good potential in a number of areas that could be invested in the development of Iraqi work environment, especially in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and  water desalination, the bilateral relations will witness increasing during the coming stage, calling for a review of the previous agreements and memoranda of understanding signed between the two countries to take advantage of the new stage. Confirming the presence of very large desire to  Saudi businessmen to invest in Iraq, which requires the presence of a suitable environment, especially in the field of reconstruction and agricultural investment, especially that Iraq has wide areas of land could be invested, revealing the existence of the desire of both sides of the border in the rehabilitation of the implementing partners (Jamima & Ar Ar) the Saudi side has expressed its readiness to the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the ports according to mechanisms to be agreed between the two sides.

On the other hand, members of the Coordinating Council of  Iraq and Saudi Arabia a number of important observations and visions that would activate and increase cooperation between the two countries, undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce called on Walid sweet to the investment of the Baghdad International Fair at the end of this month will be very large as Saudi Arabia will participate more than 60 large companies representing various business sectors in the kingdom.

The economic adviser to the Prime Minister, Mr. Kazem al-Hassani, the necessity of common interests between the two countries is the criterion of the nature of cooperation and investment.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohammad al-Sarraj, pointed out to the formation of a delegation representing the Iraqi universities will visit the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to promote cooperation and exchange of academic experiences and learn about the experience of King Saud University specialized in oil and gas are important universities in the world, will also be held joint conferences and work on the development of electronic libraries.

The Iraqi Business Council Chairman, Mr. Dawood Zair, and Iraqi Industries Federation Chairman, Mr. Ali Sabih, as well as the agents of a number of ministries and their representatives.

It is noteworthy that the governmental orders issued to form Iraqi Coordination Council - Saudi headed by the trade minister and the secretary general of the Council of Ministers vice president membership comprises the President of the National Authority for Investment - agents of the ministries of foreign affairs, interior, oil, electricity, higher education and scientific research, trade, industry, agriculture, economic adviser to the prime minister, chairman of the consultants - head of the Legal Service of the  General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers - The chief executive of the media and communications - Deputy Head of the hajj - the representative of the ministry of culture and  tourism - the President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce - the President of the Federation of Iraqi industries - the President of the Council of the  iraqi economic slump - Chairman of the Board  The national business, and others.