The Ministry of Planning discusses the impact of recent trends in management on the leadership style of general managers

2021-09-02 61
In the presence of the Minister of Planning, Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, the Ministry held today, Wednesday, a workshop to discuss the impact of recent trends in management on the leadership style of general managers from the workers’ point of view, within the program (Wednesday seminar) in which the Minister directed to advance the reality of research work in Iraq.
The participants in the workshop discussed the study prepared by researchers, Adel Karim Jaber, Dr. Yasar Farouk from the National Center for Administrative Development and Information Technology, and Ms. Fadela Majid Yassin, Director of Quality Management Department.
It was moderated by the expert, Dr. Adnan Yassin, while the head of the expert team in the ministry, Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan, was a rapporteur for the workshop.
The workshop concluded, within the framework of the recommendations reached by the researchers, that strengthening the transformational leadership style in the middle and supervisory departments has an active and basic role in the process of change and development to face the changes taking place in the business environment, as well as allowing space and participation for workers in setting future plans, in addition to their participation in The decision-making process to enhance the capabilities of employees in line with the principles of good governance, and to promote the use of the total quality management method because of its positive role in developing the company's productivity and enhancing its competitiveness.
 The workshop also recommended designing special programs and workshops for senior management and clarifying their role in meeting and implementing the quality management system to provide support, provide resources, involve workers in development courses, draw strategic plans and address problems, provided that young leaders are prepared and prepared for the future through the design of administrative, technical and specialized training programs. At different levels, basic and advanced, and include them in the organization's strategic plan.
The workshop was attended by the Undersecretary for Technical Affairs, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan, and a number of women and gentlemen, general managers, and employees of the ministry.