The Ministry of Planning's opinion board ratifies two memoranda of understanding with the Arab Planning Institute and the Indian Quality Council

2021-08-15 51
The Minister of Planning, Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, chaired the third session of the opinion board in the ministry, in the presence of the undersecretaries, heads of agencies and formations, and all general managers.
At the beginning of the session, the Minister stressed the importance of working quickly and accomplishing the tasks entrusted to the departments of the ministry away from routine, calling on the senior staff in the ministry to urge employees to take the vaccine against the emerging corona virus, and to emphasize commitment to preventive measures.
During the session, a number of issues and files on the agenda were discussed, as the authority ratified the scientific memorandum of understanding with the Indian Quality Council, in the field of accreditation, and authorized the Director General of the Iraqi Accreditation Authority of the Ministry of Planning, the authority to negotiate with the Indian side, in light of the contents of the memorandum understanding between the two sides.
The opinion board in the Ministry of Planning approved the memorandum of understanding to be concluded with the Arab Planning Institute in the State of Kuwait, within the framework of joint action to achieve the goals of economic and human development in Iraq, and the preparation, implementation and follow-up of comprehensive development plans.
On the other hand, the commission discussed the possibility of providing the Department of Economic and Financial Policies in the Ministry with specialized cadres with experience in economic and financial aspects.
In addition, the session witnessed a presentation on the Global Competitiveness Index (Davos Index) and guidance on improving Iraq’s entry level within the classification of this global economic indicator, and working to support civil society organizations concerned with this file, by providing solid statistical data and indicators that support the Iraq website. in this category.