The Minister of Planning distributes bonds of two housing complexes to poor families in Al-Qaim and Rawa districts in Anbar Governorate

2021-07-28 85
The Minister of Planning, Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, distributed the bonds and keys of two low-cost residential complexes to poor families in Al-Qaim and Rawa districts in Anbar Governorate.
In a speech during the bond distribution ceremony for the beneficiaries, the Minister said, "We seek to alleviate the suffering of the poor through a package of anti-poverty policies throughout Iraq, the most prominent of which are those concerned with solving the housing crisis suffered by the poor, pointing out that the Ministry and among During the poverty alleviation strategy, I was able to build quite a few residential complexes, some of which we have completed, and others are still under construction, indicating that we share with our people in the Qaim and Rawa districts, today they are happy by giving them housing bonds within the two residential complexes in the two districts, with 40 houses in the district Al-Qaim and 14 other houses in Rawa district, stressing that the ministry will continue its policy aimed at addressing the housing crisis in all governorates.
This ceremony was attended by the Director-General of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, Dr. Sabah Gendi Mansour, the Director-General of the Department of Human Development, Dr. Maha Abdul Karim Al-Rawi, the surrogate, and a number of officials in Anbar Governorate.