During his presidency of the first meeting of the Population Policy Committee ... Minister of Planning: The average life expectancy in Iraq has increased, and economic resources are not commensurate with the size of the population increase

2021-04-27 73
The Minister of Planning, Prof. Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, confirmed that the average life expectancy of the population in Iraq has increased in recent years, attributing this to the improvement of public health, nutrition and the standard of living by about a year.
This came during the minister presiding over the first meeting of the National Committee for Population Policies in Iraq, formed under the Diwaniya Order 43 of 2021, adding that Iraq is witnessing large population increases, not commensurate with the size of the resources, especially with the expansion of the youth segment among the segments of the population, which should be transferred To a lever and a driving force for development, and not a burden on economic resources, indicating that population policies are directly related to human development, and this calls for developing skills, to be able to formulate population policies according to an economic vision.
The Minister pointed out the need to take into account the demographic problems resulting from the existence of the terrorist organization ISIS, especially with regard to the issue of the displaced, indicating that great work awaits the National Committee for Population Policies, foremost of which is preparing the national document for population policies in Iraq and following up on its implementation, and supporting the implementation of censuses and surveys. Population to obtain accurate information and the latest data, as well as studying proposals, programs and activities proposed by community organizations or specialized international agencies in order to support the implementation of the population policy and facilitate its implementation.
During the meeting, which was attended by the deputies of the Ministries of Planning and Higher Education, and representatives of a number of ministries and relevant authorities, they discussed the entry of Iraq into the stage of the demographic gift, the rates of population growth and their proportionality with the available economic resources, and the impact of population increases on the economic, social, human and regional sectors.
The meeting also discussed the family planning strategy and birth spacing 2021-2025.
In addition, the Director General of the Department of Human Development in the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Maha Abdul-Karim Al-Rawi, gave a presentation on the Arab Strategy for Population Planning and the decisions of the second regular session of the Arab Population and Development Council.
The Executive Director of Population Policies, Ms. Fouz Ahmed, also gave a presentation in which she addressed the relationship of family planning and unmet need with population growth.