The Minister of Planning praises the efforts of the Ministry’s employees, and honors one of its distinguished employees

2020-12-31 345
The Minister of Planning, Prof. Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, praised the performance of the Ministry’s employees and its various cadres in performing their duties under conditions that are not easy, in which they are exposed to time pressures and the economic crisis, which require great efforts from them, in order to implement these tasks.
This came during the Minister’s honoring of one of the Ministry’s employees who was distinguished and dedicated in performing his duties, and his high commitment to the controls and instructions related to the inclusion and implementation of investment projects, appreciating him for this commitment and excellence in work.
For his part, Mr. Ghazwan Ibrahim Mahmoud, one of the employees of the Government Investment Programs Department at the Ministry of Planning, expressed his high appreciation for the initiative of the Minister, stressing his keenness and all his colleagues to perform their duties honestly and sincerely, away from any side effects or pressures.