During the ministry’s celebration of its Christian members .. Minister of Planning: All Iraqis are partners in building the nation, and development plans embodied the principle of citizenship within the principle of rights and duties

2020-12-31 281
The Minister of Planning, Prof. Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, affirmed that all Iraqis are partners in building Iraq and achieving development in it.
This came during the celebration held by the Ministry to celebrate its Christian members, as the Minister congratulated them on the occasion of the glorious Christmas holidays, indicating that the development plans had set a basic goal for them, which is to build a state of citizenship, through the participation and participation of everyone in building, according to an equation, Rights and duties, which embody the principle of partnership and citizenship, indicating that the conditions in Iraq are now better than they were in previous years, from the security side. , Food security, fixing defects in the development reality, and working to secure the requirements for the voluntary return of all displaced people, including Christians who have been subjected to a lot of harm and injustice during the last period.
The Minister renewed his congratulations to the ministry’s employees and all Iraqis on the occasion of the Christmas of Christ, peace be upon him.
The ceremony was attended by the two undersecretaries of the ministry, heads of agencies and general managers in them.