While attending the 13th Al Wasiti Festival for Plastic Arts ... Minister of Planning, art represents an important pillar in achieving sustainable development goals

2020-12-08 299
The Minister of Planning, Prof. Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, stressed today, Saturday, that art in all its joints, including plastic art, represents an important developmental pillar, because it plays a pivotal role in the process of building the human being and improving his behavior and his taste.
This came during the minister's participation in the opening ceremony of the 13th Al-Wasiti Festival of Plastic Arts, organized by the Ministry of Culture, in the presence of its Minister Dr. Hassan Nazem and the Minister of Health Dr. Hassan Al-Tamimi, and Culture Dr. Ali Al-Dulaimi and a number of ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic corps working in Baghdad, as well as a number From artists, journalists and media professionals.
The Minister added that one of the sustainable development goals within Iraq’s 2030 vision is to protect the environment and achieve participation in achieving those goals, foremost among which is the fight against hunger and the eradication of poverty, and the improvement of the reality of society, health, education and services, stressing the role of art and media in achieving these goals As development partners in this field, he called on plastic artists to make more contributions and hold exhibitions and festivals, because painting and pictures have a great impact on the development scene and enlightenment of society's thought.
It is worth noting that more than 140 plastic artists participated in the 13th Al Wasiti Festival of Plastic Arts, which represents an important Iraqi artistic and cultural event.