The National Commission for Sustainable Development holds its annual meeting for the year 2020

2020-11-27 313
The Minister of Planning, Prof. Dr. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, said today, Thursday, “The Ministry is working very seriously today, in cooperation with partners at the national and international levels, to chart new paths for the five-year national development plan 2018-2022, and Iraq's vision for sustainable development 2030, including It makes it a flexible plan that responds to the difficult challenges it is going through, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial crisis.
This came during the minister presiding over the annual meeting of the National Committee for Sustainable Development for the year 2020, in the presence and participation of representatives of ministries and relevant authorities.
The meeting discussed a number of files related to the sustainable development file and the Iraq Vision 2030.
The Minister stressed during the meeting that Iraq's economic situation, after the Covid 19 pandemic, will be different in its orientations than it was before the pandemic, indicating that development plans must be implementable and achieve their goals, through the implementation of projects in various fields, in order to achieve services Better sustainable, pointing out that this requires high level participation at the national level by the private sector, civil society and the media, and at the international level in cooperation with international partners from the United Nations organizations. Adding that Iraq will present its second voluntary report to the United Nations during its high-level meeting in 2021, which includes a review of what has been achieved, and an exploration of what can be achieved within the framework of the vision of sustainable development 2030.
In addition, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Maher Hammad Johan, reviewed the activities and procedures that have been implemented during the past years, and the next steps that will take into account the development financing gap, and find appropriate solutions to address this gap, in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
The Director General of Regional and Local Development at the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Mohamed Al-Sayed, gave a presentation on the work and activities of the specialized teams for sustainable development, and their future plans.
The participants in the meeting expressed a lot of opinions, proposals and observations on the issues on the agenda, including the environmental performance index, and the role of the media in the process of educating and raising awareness for society and introducing the sustainable development goals.