The Minister of Planning announces the launch of the National Youth Employment Project

2020-02-04 112
The Minister of Planning, Dr. Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi, announced today, Monday, the launching of the national project for youth employment, stressing that the next few period will witness the announcement of the project's mechanisms and ways for young people to benefit from it and the governorates covered in its first stage.

This came during the expanded conference held at the Ministry of Planning in the presence of a number of representatives, governors, and heads of investment bodies in all governorates, representatives of international organizations and the private sector, ministries agents, general managers and civil society.

Dr. Nuri Al-Dulaimi explained during his speech the importance of the project as one of the strategic steps of the Ministry in relying on the young Iraqi capabilities and achieving more goals of the 2030 vision for sustainable development, as youth are the cornerstone and base on which development depends and proceeding from them, stressing that the path of this project was not paved without sacrifices Presented by the Iraqi youth who are loyal to their homeland, pointing to the project's adoption of the principle of partnership between young people while developing their capabilities and enabling them to create promising and income-generating projects.

Indicating that the ministry seeks to unify all related efforts in the public and private sectors and the international community and its active organizations in Iraq; with a view to maintaining the viability of the project and achieving its goals, indicating the Ministry's alignment of the project with its five-year plan and strategy in developing the private sector, as it adopted the project in terms of policy development Public administration, follow-up, financing, and direct implementation by the private sector.

For its part, Representative Mithaq Al-Hamedi praised the efforts of the Minister of Planning in adopting the project and providing all the necessary conditions for its launch, noting the importance of integrating roles between the legislative and executive authorities to make this pilot project successful, appreciating all the efforts made by the parliament during the past years to mature the project, while the master stressed The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali Al-Alaq, for his part, expressed the bank's readiness to provide all possible means of support for the project.